People have vowed to bid farewell to Hirak Rani

Campaign Anthem

Motto of this Campaign

Our aim is to free Bengal from the misrule of the Hirak Rani

Motto of this Campaign

Our aim is to free Bengal from the misrule of the Hirak Rani

12 long years…’Her’ misrule is unabated for 12 long years! ‘Hirak Rani’ has wrought havoc upon the entire State! She along with her gang has been instrumental in orchestrating a symphony of corruption which is consistently eroding the economic stability of Bengal.
The State now groans under the weight of a staggering debt of nearly Rs 6 lakh crores! From the insidious pilfering of ration to the embezzlement in PM Awas Yojana, and from the systemic corruption in the employment sector to nefarious scams in education sector, a pervasive culture of kleptocracy has been entrenched in every echelon of governance. A litany of transgressions, from coal and cattle smuggling to the 'cut money' culture and exploitation of disaster relief funds, bears witness to the rapacious appetite for malfeasance nurtured under Hirak Rani's auspices.
Hirak Rani’s depredations did not only ruin Bengal economically but has also sown the seeds of violence, worsening the law and order condition; thus transforming Bengal into a cauldron of chaos. Countless tales of atrocities against women serve as the damning indictment of Rani’s despotic regime, staining the tapestry of Bengal’s democracy with a dark and indelible blot.
The forbearance of the residents of Bengal has been sorely tested. It is imperative for us now to rally together and emancipate Bengal from the clutches of Hirak Rani’s tyranny. Crores of people are heeding the call of the Hirak Rani Bye Bye campaign. Join this campaign now and pledge your allegiance to the cause of saving our Bengal from the Oppressor!

Hirak Rani’s evil shadow on Sonar Bangla

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Misdeeds of Hirak Rani

People of Bengal are devastated by the tyranny of Hirak Rani

  • Tempted with thousand, homes taken and future forsaken

    TMC leaders have siphoned off 70% of the allocated funds for PM Awas Yojana, exacerbating the plight of the impoverished who find themselves bereft of adequate housing due to their exclusion from beneficiary lists. Allegations of nepotism and illicit financial exchange in home trading are widespread. Moreover, local TMC leaders demand obligatory ‘cut money’ in 80% panchayats.
  • In the native land of Hirak Rani, the law and order is in shambles

    Violence has entrenched itself as the cornerstone of Bengal's political ethos resulting in countless instances of political tumult. Post 2021 elections, 15000 cases of political violence and 7000 molestations were reported. Panchayat poll violence in 2023 reported over 50 fatalities
  • Those who study hard, die of hunger

    The most egregious scandal to afflict the education sector in India has been meticulously orchestrated by Hirak Rani. Positions secured through merit in SSC and TET examinations were auctioned off, plunging students into distress over the dearth of appointed educators. ED has appraised the magnitude of this malfeasance at Rs 1200 crores
  • Those who produce grains, are devoid of food themselves

    For the past 12 years, Hirak Rani has systematically deprived farmers of their livelihood. RTI inquiry revealed harrowing statistic of 122 cases of agricultural and agrarian-related suicides in Paschim Medinipur alone in 2021. Not only did Hirak Rani deprive farmers of the PM Fasal Bima Yojana but her goons have also shamelessly reaped cut money from the Krishak Bandhu scheme
  • Women are crying in every household as Hirak Rani is dictatoria

    West Bengal has the highest cases of crimes against women officially. The dignity of women in West Bengal stands violated during the tenure of a woman Chief Minister. West Bengal tops the chart in rapes, acid attacks, women trafficking and domestic violence. Reports of the Union Home Ministry states that in every 1 lakh women in Bengal, 41.5% are victims of violence
  • Hiak Rani is not with the daily wagers, TMC guffaws after syphoning off their money

    Hirak Rani has perpetrated embezzlement of funds amounting to lakhs in the Central government’s MGNREGA scheme. Funds have been diverted to the bank accounts of the panchayat pradhan and their relatives. Cut money had to be paid for availing 100 days work. Rani did not stop herself from looting the money of the daily wage earners.
  • Hirak Rani wants bomb, even at the cost of people’s lives

    During each election, the smell of gunpowder starts lingering in every nook and corner of Bengal. Bomb industries have started to flourish. Explosions in Bhupatinagar, Margram, Maheshtala, Naoda, Minakhan have not been forgotten by the people of Bengal. Illegal explosive manufacturing has been elevated to the position of cottage industries in Hirak Rani’s era!
  • Industrilisation would mean loss hence, take subsidy and hail Hirak Rani

    Industrialists have turned away from Bengal during the reign of 'Hirak Rani'. Small and large scale factories are shutting down due to the syndicate and extortion of the ruling party. No industrialist intends to invest in West Bengal due to fear of violence. No investment has resulted in limited employment. Youth are leaving the State in search of jobs.
  • Appeasement politics of Hirak Rani results in increased communal violence

    Politics of appeasement is prevalent in Bengal! 'Rani' instigates communal riots. Durga idol immersion has been postponed for Muharram. She maintained silence when Hindus were being killed in Mominpur! Acknowledging the religious polarization, she said, "I appease Muslims. I am willing to be kicked by a cow that gives milk.”
  • No profit in education as it provides no money, no honour

    The standard of education in West Bengal is at rock bottom today. There are no teachers in schools full with students whereas there are only teachers but no students! Roofs of the schools are collapsing! More than 7000 primary schools have been closed due to Corona. The number of students has drastically decreased. On this pretext 'Rani' has closed more than 8207 schools.

Take the ‘Hirak Rani Bye Bye’ campaign to the masses

Take the ‘Hirak Rani Bye Bye’ campaign to the masses

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